All over Africa and particularly in the Congo, people find their homelands drained of their natural and rightful resources and are forced out of their homes by corrupt governmental powers and relics of a colonial past. People and communities forced into migration are brought into contact with different, cultures, languages. At times this leads to a sense of alienation and disconnection as they try to painstakingly weave together the shreds of their past lives and reimagine new futures in unfamiliar spaces.

‘Entwined II’ however, highlights the resilience of the human spirit when forced to start over. The forced movement also highlights the common threads that enlighten and bind us as humans. When people of different cultures interact we begin to realize our lives are already entwined beyond the superficial or perceived differences of race, nationality, class and gender. Inevitably the worn out or overstretched fabric of our being begins to find strength in these new human connections. We share how our histories and personal stories meet and overlap and we recognize the beauty in our different pasts and find ways to understand and integrate them for our mutual benefit. Together we are stronger and more resilient. We can resist and withstand greater pressures when we work together than any individual or exclusive community can do on its own.