The bodies of works that Abebe makes in different series are mostly reactions to the issues that his conscious and artistic intellect apprehends. Consequently, his works would best be understood if gazed from the individuality of their contexts. The “In Between” series, for example, originated from perceptible situations or states where a given circumstance couldn’t manifest a position.

There are uncertain conditions where outcomes couldn’t be predicted. In such cases, it’s often uneasy to tell what is emerging out of the apparent uncertainty even if one can witness the departure of the previously existing orderliness. The present being a state of intersection rather than having its own presence becomes its peculiar characteristic. The ambiguity, the polarity and even the attempt to converge the divergences would instead become a holding position: an evident state of In Between. In enacting further strides through considering preceding backdrops; one is usually engrossed in weighing up the state of affairs. It is the thorough realization of the numerous associations of the stated contexts that gave rise to the "In Between" series. In rendering the mentioned attributes of the notion; Abebe employs the appropriate visual elements that are usually evident in his stylized way of painting. This includes sharp contrasts in color and form; contorted anatomies and imaginary body movements; as well as enormity of details which are harmonious.