Additional Images

A table, scissors, some glue and images in shambles - Voila ! the arsenal of a photomontage artist. Using photomontage as an artistic practice for conceiving images allows one to take a setback. It also means being conscious of the fact that photography is an art, while remaining skeptical of the ability to produce art through this single technique. Then the photomontage suddenly reveals itself as evidence, as a most meaningful act, perfectly contemporary, adapted to the current context of a permanent flow of visual and plastic information of all kinds of forms. Photomontage calls for a certain mastery of memory. Far from being an iconoclastic activity, it rather falls under a certain animism of images, a visual polytheism.Conceiving and manually producing photomontages with simple and common tools is a meaningful act that allows create sensitive images, charged with extreme tensions.
The African Studies Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel