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Ekpiri Series
culled from imodara:
"the first time I saw ekpiri seeds was during the Ofala festival in Onitsha. Dancers and performers would use them as percussion instruments during the annual celebrations. I’ve always loved the art of joining one thing to another or of creating something new from objects that had a different function or purpose. The vision for my latest series is to take something small—the ekpiri seed pods —and create a piece that’s over 8 feet tall. It’s an ongoing investigation into the connection between culture and visual art. How Igbo traditional musical instruments fit into my artistic conversation." - Adeniyi Olagunju February, 2017

Olagunju’s new works, made from the pods of Ekpiri seeds. These pods are typically strung together as beads to create anklets worn in Igbo dance. Stringing these seeds together in rows, the artist either paints or gilds them in various precious and semiprecious metal leaves to conceal the earth tones of the objects. Minimalist invocations of dynamic subjects, the works in this series demonstrate Olagunju’s interest in reconfiguring historicized matter.
TAFETA Gallery, London, UK 2017


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