Nirit Takele, born in Ethiopia in 1985, immigrated to Israel in 1991 in “Operation Solomon” an Israeli military operation that transported more than 14,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel in 36 hours. Although she grew up with very few memories of her childhood in Ethiopia, Nirit has been painting from a very young age practicing her skills by studying the works of artists like Peter Paul Rubens, Diego Riviera, and David Hockney. In 2015, Takele graduated with honors from Shenkar College, receiving The Talia Sidi Prize. Nirit is a bold colorist, building up faceted figurative bodies through the application of near-abstract flatforms. With a sharp understanding of the power adjacent colors impart upon one another, her figures pop from the canvas, with vivid dimensionality. She explores her cultural heritage in her works, illustrating the everyday life of the Israeli Ethiopian community and finding inspiration in old Ethiopian sagas and folk tales remembered from her youth.
Fresh Paint Art Fair 2017, TLV, Israel

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